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Step-By-Step Tips To Help You Achieve Forex Trading Success in 2020

You have probably seen more than once advertising of the foreign exchange market, which promises quick profits of huge amounts. Such phrases are often used to lure people into foreign exchange trading. The first postulate of Forex trading says that this statement is incorrect and is just a cunning marketing ploy.

In order to consistently receive a good income in the Forex market , you must have a decent baggage of theoretical knowledge and, of course, experience. Good experiences are impossible without ups and downs, so be prepared for them.

The path from a beginner to a successful trader may not be as easy as it seems at first glance.

Most people want immediate profits, no matter how unrealistic it sounds.

The world of investment can be daunting if you’re at the beginning of your journey. And before being considered a professional in the Forex market, you need to understand the basic concepts.

And we are ready to help you.

Best Forex Trading Rules – How to Trade Forex

We have prepared the best Forex tips for beginners to help you get your way. And even if you already have experience in the Forex market, it is always helpful to remember the basics.

1. Forex Tips – Be confident in your broker

Choosing the right broker is half a battle won. Take the time to check reviews and recommendations. Make sure the broker you choose is trustworthy and right for you.

Remember, there are a large number of unscrupulous participants in the market, so before opening an account, pay attention and check all the necessary information about the company.

If you want a reliable and trustworthy broker, check out Admiral Markets.

2. How to trade on the Forex market – Drawing up a trading strategy

One of the main items on the list is creating a trading strategy.

Determine what kind of trading result you want to get. Setting a clear goal will help you become a more disciplined trader.

3. Forex trading rules – Less is more

Whenever you start something new, try to move in stages. Start by investing small amounts of money and keep in mind: “The quieter you go, the further you will.”

4. How can you not trade on Forex? – Control your emotions

Don’t let your emotions rule you.

This can be very difficult, especially after you have had a losing trade. But stay cool. This losing trade will probably not be the last. There is no trading without losses.

Whenever you allow your emotions to take over you, you are putting yourself at unnecessary risks .

5. How to Trade Forex – Avoid Unnecessary Stress

This is one of those Forex trading tips that sounds really obvious – because it really is.

Try not to trade while you are under stress. Since this can lead you to irrational actions. Decisions made in this state can cost you money.

Therefore, identify the source of your stress and try to eliminate it or at least limit its effect on you. Take a deep breath and focus on something else.

Every person has their own way of dealing with stress: some listen to classical music, others exercise. Listen to your inner voice and choose what works best for you.

6. How to Trade Forex – Practice, Practice and Practice Again

Of all the tips and tricks for newbies, this one is perhaps the most important. Nothing comes from the first try. Only constant practice can lead you to the desired result.

But you probably don’t want to waste money teaching the basics, do you?

Luckily for you, you can start with a demo account , which is completely free.

7. Secrets of Forex Trading – The Psychology of Trading

Every trader is a psychologist .

Before making a decision, you must analyze the market and understand yourself from a psychological point of view.

  1. Are you in doubt when entering a trade?
  2. Did you enter a trade just because you needed to be in the market?
  3. Why did you choose this particular currency pair?

By understanding yourself, you can prevent some of the losses that arise when you cannot control your emotions.

8. Forex tips – no guarantees

There is no guarantee that you will get the result you want. The moment you decide to become a trader, you must understand that the result may not come immediately.

Here is a simple statement that you must make for yourself – a trader does not have 100% profitable trades.

Pay no attention to ads that promise you incredible returns.

Trading is, first of all, painstaking work that can bring you dividends in the future .

9. Forex Tips – Patience

When it comes to trading, the old adage “Patience and work will grind everything” is quite relevant.

The result does not come immediately. You need to be patient and gradually move towards your goal.

Many novice traders are looking for an easy and quick way to get rich. Don’t worry – it doesn’t exist.

Use multifunctional trading software.

10. How to Trade Forex Correctly – Trader’s Diary and Training

The market will teach you a new lesson every day. Therefore, take a close look at the Forex market and remember all our tips. Starting to analyze news, trends and financial processes – do not neglect the basics of Forex.

The most important thing is that training in the Forex market does not stop for a minute. Learning will take a lot of time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run. It is also very important to keep a trader’s diary and note in it all the key points that will help you form a coherent trading strategy.

Start by visiting our free educational section for more Forex tips.

11. Tips for Forex Traders – Feel Your Mood

This advice is useful in that it helps to minimize the risk of overwork and stress during intense trading sessions, especially if you have multiple monitors, multiple currency pairs are open, and you are monitoring several information resources at once.

As soon as you feel that you are losing your focus, take a break and give yourself some time to rest.

12. How to trade in the Forex environment – Follow the trend

Another tip of the Forex market is that before you follow a trend, you need to learn how to identify it.

Remember: trend is your friend . Ignoring the main trends in the Forex market can lead to disastrous results. Follow the trend and do not try to jump on the departing train when the market is already moving.

13. Forex Trading Rules – Look for Good Trading Conditions

It is important to choose first class terms of service and receive favorable spreads . We offer both options at Admiral Markets .

14. Forex Tips – Plan ahead

Forex trading is not a game of chance – it is a strategy game. Calculate your next step carefully before taking action.

You can get started with your plan by asking yourself a few questions:

  1. Why am I opening this trade?
  2. How do I know where I need to exit a trade?

You must be prepared for anything.

15. Forex Tips – Analyze Forex Chart

In your trading, you will use a large number of instruments , and you need to learn how to analyze the Forex currency chart as efficiently as possible. The most informative way is to look at the chart for a specific timeframe.

This tip will be doubly helpful if you are good at visual perception.

16. Forex Trading Tips – Don’t Overexert yourself

Desire is good, but there is a limit to everything. If you trade too much, you are probably risking your chances of success.

What for?

Active trading can lead to a decrease in the focus of attention and lead to careless transactions.

Indicate in your Trading Plan the maximum number of trades that you will make per day, week and month.

17. Forex Tips – Don’t Get Greedy

Feelings of greed can lead you to take unnecessary risks. Set the maximum allowable loss and desired profit in your trading plan. When you reach the target level, stop trading.

This advice will be especially helpful when your capital will grow over time.

18. Forex Tips – Use Stop Loss

Our daily Forex tips are not limited to general guidelines. We also want to mention an important tool such as stop loss.

If you do not place a stop loss , then you leave yourself the opportunity to hold a losing position, which can lead to a loss of the deposit.

The correct placement of the stop loss level allows you to minimize risks in case of negative trades. Plus, stop loss helps you monitor your trade when you can’t be online.

19. Tips for Forex Traders – Analyze Past Trades

The next recommendation for every day is to keep a log of your trade. This will allow you to track the results of your Forex trading.

If you record all of your trades, it will allow you to analyze the ones that made a profit and those that were unprofitable. In addition, keeping a trade journal makes you more disciplined, which is very important for a trader.

20. Forex Tips – Experiment in Trading

When working in the Forex market, remember: you must be flexible in your trading approach. Markets have properties to change, so be prepared for the fact that sooner or later your strategy will need to be improved.

The foreign exchange market is constantly changing, and you need to learn how to change with it.

How to trade Forex stress-free

The foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex market (Forex), has gained widespread acceptance among traders over the past decade. However, despite its availability, many traders fail in their quest to make real profits in Forex. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is the inability to streamline your trading decisions into a trading strategy .

When it comes to Forex trading, or trading in general, discipline is the deciding factor that determines your success. We have prepared a list that includes the basic rules of Forex trading that will help you better understand the market and increase your chances of becoming a successful Forex trader. Let’s take a look at these eight basic rules of online Forex trading.

The Golden Rules of Forex Trading

Forex Rule # 1 – Take Your Time

Most newbie traders aim to make significant profits from day one, but the problem is that it is this urge that causes traders to lose a lot of money – it leads them out of the game much earlier than they expect.

A common occurrence among traders is to double their starting capital in the first week of trading solely in order to soon lose it all too quickly due to overly confident trading.

Make small trades and slowly build up capital with profit. There are very few traders who can be successful early in their careers. Otherwise, success is a matter of time and patience .

Rule # 2 – Go from Practice to Real Trading

This principle of Forex trading is extremely important for traders. Although trading on a demo account is highly recommended for all novice traders , there is one rule that deserves attention to be the basic Forex rule – to gain skills and achieve success, you need to trade on a real account.

Even if you easily manage to trade profitably on a demo account, you will never be able to withdraw money from a virtual account. Trading on a virtual account will only benefit you if you do it right.

  • First, the size of your demo account upon opening must be equal to the size of your potential deposit.
  • Second, you need to set yourself a realistic goal. It can be anything, but it must be measurable. Once you reach your goal, you should move on to trading on a live account.

Be that as it may, do not start trading Forex online if you have not fully mastered the trading platform. You shouldn’t overtrade on a demo account, set a goal for yourself and work on achieving it. Trading on a virtual account is just a stepping stone to trading on a real account.

Rule # 3 – Plan Your Forex Trading

This rule applies to any kind of activity – someone who has a plan is much more likely to succeed than someone who does not have one. That is why having a trading plan is one of the golden rules of Forex trading. Your trading strategy should be described, entry and exit points explained, and Stop Loss and Take Profit levels set.

Sticking to a plan is a core element of your trading. Of course, the plan can be subject to change, because, as you improve your strategy, you have to change it.

But remember that you can only change the plan if you have no open positions. Don’t modify your plan just to keep a losing position open longer.

Rule # 4 – Don’t Waste Your Time

While Forex can be fun and educational, its main function is to generate profits online . Therefore, you should only consider this activity if the time spent in Forex trading is of greater value than the time spent on any other job.

Let’s take an example:

Imagine that you are working, making $ 15 an hour.

In addition, you have a trading account with a balance of $ 1000. Let’s say you are a successful trader who has a 5% return on investment, that is, $ 50 in your case.

If you spend more than 3 hours on this, then trading represents only a loss for you, since you could earn more in your regular job.

That is why the profit factor is one of the basic rules of Forex trading. Without making the appropriate profit, you will soon get tired and start making decisions with a higher risk factor to meet your income needs. Forex should become one of the most profitable activities for you.

For this reason, you must consider the opportunity cost, or lost opportunity. Be that as it may, you should not risk more in order to earn more on Forex – you just need to increase your trading volume by proportionally increasing your capital size.

Rule # 5 – Never Stop Learning

Before starting real trading, as in any activity, you should learn How to start trading in the Forex market.

Market behavior tends to change. It is for this reason that you should modify your trading strategy and add new elements to it on an ongoing basis.

The scale of the Forex market is immense, and so is the content of the elements that you need to learn. Don’t assume that if your trading strategy works great now, it will work for a long time.

Explore Forex Hours and Forex Trading Sessions

Successful Forex trading requires the correct implementation of specially developed rules for currency trading. This means that your own rules also need to be improved.

Admiral Markets offers you access to free webinars with leading experts who share their experiences with you!

Your trading history is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Get the most out of it by researching and analyzing your decisions in the past through the lens of market events and market behavior at the time. At the same time, you can be a fan of technical analysis or use the most effective systems for fundamental analysis in the foreign exchange market.

Secrets of Forex Trading

There are secrets that are directly related to the foreign exchange market, and there are secrets that relate more to the psychological aspects of trading, but they also seriously affect foreign exchange trading. Read on to find out more.

Why Some Traders Can’t Make Profits

According to statistics, approximately 80% of traders lose their money invested in foreign exchange trading. And only 20% of traders successfully make money on Forex. How do some traders differ from others? The former are usually afraid to trade during high volatility and are afraid of losing their precious investments.

But there is one important point. The money that 80% of traders lose goes to the other 20% of traders, it becomes their earnings. Not a bad compensation, isn’t it?

If you decide to get into foreign exchange trading, you have to be realistic about things. Neither pessimists nor optimists can achieve significant success in Forex. Set realistic goals for yourself.

In the foreign exchange market, it is quite possible to receive income up to 5% per month. This is a good income, and if you learn to earn it steadily, you can easily make currency pair trading the main type of income. This is another important secret to successful foreign exchange trading – set realistic goals for yourself.

Find out the main mistakes of forex traders and how to avoid them

Don’t Trust Forex Signal Providers

There are a huge number of resources on the Internet that promise trading signals that are guaranteed to bring you profit. Or they promise automated systems that can profitably trade currency pairs themselves, or 100% indicators … Do you believe that?

But how reliable are Forex signals ?

The next Forex secret is that such sites should not be trusted. In fact, many of the above tools don’t work at all. Even if you want to return money, for example, for an automated system, you cannot get it back. Therefore, we do not recommend that you rely on such tools and, moreover, buy them.

This is another important Forex secret.

We do not deny that there are reliable providers in the Forex market that you can trust. But you don’t see them often. If you do hope to find them, look closely at their history. If they have been doing well for many years in a row, they have a lot of real satisfied customers, you may well work with them.

But, in any case, listening to someone’s advice, be it a program or a foreign exchange market analyst, you must clearly understand the logic of this or that decision. If you blindly repeat the advice without understanding their logic, you are unlikely to be able to trade profitably in Forex.

When it comes to real trading, there are also some simple secrets. Perhaps they will help you to properly adjust your trading strategy and get even more income.

These secrets will also help you even if you are still deciding on your trading style or want to try trading in some other direction.

Use indicators on Forex charts wisely

Very often, traders, having grasped the basics of technical analysis, want to use all indicators at once. As a result, they clog the schedule and generally stop seeing important information on it. This is fundamentally wrong.

The secret of currency trading is that the chart should always be as clear as possible. To do this, you must understand which indicators you trust the most. Typically, professional traders post multiple technical indicators and oscillators.

At the same time, one important nuance must be observed – indicators should not duplicate the same function.

Conclusion – Tips for Forex Trading

Remember, trading on the Forex market cannot go without mistakes, but it is important to learn to learn from them so that the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you are ready. You must gradually move towards your goal.

Forex trading is not an easy job and you should take it seriously. In order not to lose heart and not be disappointed without a reason, set realistic goals for yourself and confidently go towards achieving them. In addition, the success of foreign exchange trading depends a lot on your broker.

If you have a quality broker, he will become your reliable partner in the Forex market.

Having invested real money in Forex, you must set absolutely clear goals for yourself in order to understand where you need to go. Remember to keep your schedule as clear as possible.

It should contain only the most necessary indicators. With a minimal amount of information on the graph, you can quickly see the data you need.

The above tips will acquaint you with the basic principles of trading in the Forex market, everything else will depend on you!

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