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Why Lenovo ThinkBook is better than the competition

There are many reasons for choosing Lenovo’s ThinkBook laptop solutions – and there could be no better reason than how they make a difference for professional people at work. We’re talking portability, reliability, and performance.

After all, when it comes down to brass tacks, what every professional wants from a laptop is a machine which works every time they need it. And for that, you want a long-lasting battery. It also needs to be lightweight. And when it comes to performance? That starts with the Intel Comet Lake processors but goes far beyond.

ThinkBook: The basics

For the ThinkBook 14- and 15-inch models, that’s weight and battery. The smaller of the two is also the lightest, tipping the scales at 1.5kg, with the 15-inch coming in at 1.7kg. The Full HD (1080p) Infinity screen maximises viewable space and at just 17.9mm thick, compact dimensions tick off portability – tuck your ThinkBook into a bag or slimline folder and hit the road.

Batteries are a key factor for every user: more battery means more productivity (and less anxiety!) In the ThinkBooks, the latest technology is packed into two options: 45Wh, or 57Wh. These help to deliver true ‘all day’ performance, with up to 9- and 12-hours operation, respectively. A 65W charger replenishes the battery fast, too.

Reliability begins with whether or not your laptop has enough charge to start, but that’s not the only factor. ThinkBooks have impeccable build quality and strengthened robust materials capable of handling the knocks and bumps of being on the road. This means ThinkBooks are backed by some of the best warranties and support available.

These features might not be ‘speeds and feeds’, but for businesspeople, it makes all the difference. It starts with a one-year on-site base warranty, which can be upgraded up to 5 years. Then there’s the enhanced Premier Support service, for 24×7 direct tech support access. 

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) provides coverage for non-warranted damage incurred under normal operating conditions, such as minor spills, drops, or screen damage. Get flexible and fast response with Lenovo commercial services, including onsite Next Business Day Response (NBD) and Technician Installed Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU).

ThinkBooks packed with performance

With reliability racked away, let’s look at performance. Performance is often tied to the CPU, and in the ThinkBook’s case, this means Intel’s 10th generation processors in the familiar i3, i5 or i7 guises, with up to 6 cores.

That’s a winning start, backed by up to 24GB of DDR4 2667MHz RAM. For best results, combine your choice of processor and RAM with a Solid State Hard Drive (up to 1TB); and then, unusual for a business laptop, round the package out with dedicated AMD Radeon 625 discrete graphics with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM (there is an integrated Intel graphics option, for those who don’t require upgraded performance).

These specifications deliver a blazingly fast machine capable of taking on any task you’re likely to encounter, delivering the smooth multi-tasking performance expected of the modern laptop. But there’s a more business users expect from their devices, and that’s security.

ThinkBooks take smart security up a level

In the ThinkBook, a smart approach means security isn’t a hindrance (and in a world where convenience is expected, this is crucial). It starts with a Trusted Platform Module in the firmware, enabling Windows 10 security features and encrypting user data. ThinkShutter delivers full camera control and privacy. Smart Power On lets you log in with a fingerprint for a one step unlock — just like a smartphone.

ThinkBooks: Good looks

Finally, a ThinkBook looks the part, too. With anodized aluminium top and bottom covers (top only on the 15” version), you’ve got a sleek yet durable device which feels great and perfectly complements your professionalism. 

ThinkBook: Wherever you go, your laptop is along for the ride.

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