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Tableau Software integrates with Einstein Analytics for powerful data analytics

Tableau Software has announced it will bring together Tableau and Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics, providing customers with access to a broad and deep analytics platform.

Einstein Analytics will be renamed to Tableau CRM, and continue to provide a high quality analytics and AI experience in the Salesforce CRM workflow.

Tableau offers data exploration and visual analytics, enabling customers to get insights from any data, covering a wide span of use cases.

Einstein Analytics delivers actionable and AI-powered analytics embedded natively in Salesforce, helping people work more efficiently, predict outcomes, and receive timely recommendations directly within their workflow.

Future alignment plans include connecting Tableau natively to the Einstein Analytics data store which will take advantage of the performance optimisation’s and native Salesforce security integration.

In addition, data preparation capabilities will read and write to both Tableau and Einstein Analytics, helping ensure clean and trusted data that is ready for analysis, is available to everyone.

Finally, content portability will be available between Tableau and Einstein Analytics to streamline creation of dashboards and make it easier for everyone to access it.

The first planned integration is Einstein Discovery in Tableau. Einstein Discovery is designed to help companies democratise data science across their organisation with AI-powered analytics.

These analytics reportedly enable business users to automatically discover relevant patterns based on their data – without building sophisticated data models or engaging teams of data scientists, Tableau states.

Planned for the first part of 2021, Einstein Discovery in Tableau enables real-time predictive modeling and recommendations capabilities across the Tableau platform.

Einstein Discovery is just the first in a series of planned integrations. Going forward, Tableau will retain and build upon the current capabilities in Einstein Analytics and Tableau, while continuing to innovate and unify.

Tableau chief product officer Francois Ajenstat says, “We’re always focused on making analytics easy and accessible to more people and organisations.

“Integrating Einstein Discovery’s powerful predictions platform adds to the range of options for augmented analysis and helps people get more value from their data.

“This is just the first of many ways we will integrate Tableau and Einstein Analytics to help customers deliver analytics to anyone, anywhere with any data.”

Tableau CEO and president Adam Selipsky says, “The events of 2020 accelerated the need for companies to adapt to an all-digital, work from anywhere world and empower everyone to make better decisions faster.

“By bringing together the Tableau and Einstein Analytics teams earlier this year, and tapping into the power of the overall Salesforce ecosystem, we are putting rocket boosters on our innovation and accelerating our mission to help people see and understand data.”

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