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Jabra Evolve2 65 Headset for business UC

The canny folk at Jabra are thinking of the big picture in these times of working remotely from home. They offer solutions for folk needing to stay connected. Jabra’s blog is just one way they connect with the business world and it offers insights into the world of unified communications (UC). 

As a person with hearing difficulties (tinnitus) I understand the difficulties faced by those working in busy open offices – and so does Jabra, evident from one of  the company’s posts titled Office Headsets for the Hearing Impaired: What are your options?

 As I write, the background noise of my significant other has been muffled to the point that I’m writing with no distractions. Even the rain on our metal roof is faded. Jabra has collaborated with business and solutions providers to produce tools that will have you happily connecting no matter your location. This is referred to as “working from anywhere,” whether at home, in the office or at your favourite café. Those of you using Microsoft Teams will love the ability to enter a chat with the push of a button.  

In my review of the Jabra Elite45h, I pondered how I was going to remove the headset. It was so comfortable that I took to wearing them even when not listening to anything. The Evolve2 65 quickly supplanted them, only being removed for sleep, the shower or when my darling wife tapped my shoulder, requiring my undivided attention. 

The Evolve2 comes with a charging stand that plugs into a USB port. Inside the zip-up carry bag is a small pouch containing a USB-C dongle. There is a USB 3.0 option too, which I need on my laptops. 

Surveying the box, I noted that Jabra has embraced sustainable practices, making their packaging 100% recyclable, right down to the use of water-based inks.  Remember how I praised the Elite’s seeming noise-cancelling qualities? It came as no surprise to see that the “comfortable, noise-isolating design” is mentioned on the Evolve2 box. 

As we went back to Level One, I timidly ventured back to the gym, having gained both wisdom and extra kilos during lockdown. Sitting on the exercycle, I listened to motivating podcasts as I felt my heart rate elevate to an alarming level. Meanwhile, the headset capably dealt with the usual external gym noises and ensured I was able to take in Joyce Meyer’s exhortation to live life as it you really love it.

Removing my headset, a simple wipe with the towel and they were good to go for the next round. I was grateful that my ears alone remained free from pain and I even had time to reflect on the excellent placement of the controls on the right-hand headphone. When you receive a call you simply lower the microphone and voilà, your call is connected.

The sound quality is great and if you use the Jabra Direct app, you can customise the sound output via the equaliser. Jabra Direct allows you to check your connection. During the initial setup the user’s experience is like taking a hearing test.  This ensures that the sound quality takes your auditory capabilities into account. The end result is a sound quality you will love, especially if you customise the equaliser settings.

Jabra is keen to stress that its products offer a range of solutions in the UC field, ensuring that no matter where you are, or what sort of environment you are working, you can remain connected and free of external distractions.  

The two products I have reviewed are indicative of Jabra’s goal to create effective and flexible contact centres while maintaining the ability to support the at-home agent, keeping everyone connected. 

From my personal point of view, while I appreciate the ability to press a button and be connected to my team, I also appreciate the ability to customise my listening experience, ensuring that whether I’m listening to my favourite Florence Foster Jenkins song or taking part in remote team meetings, I won’t miss a thing. Jabra Direct software allows me to stay in control whether connected via wireless or USB connections. 

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