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Investigation exposes arms dealers and banks involved in the Rwandan genocide

In April 1994, South Africa and Rwanda embarked on two vastly different paths. While South Africa was moving toward a democratic election, Rwanda was spiraling toward genocide.

The contrast between joy and misery, rebirth and death could not have been starker. However, the ties that bind these two moments are often forgotten. Apartheid’s personnel had found new opportunities to sow misery in Rwanda in pursuit of profit.

A new investigation by Open Secrets, titled “The Secretary: How Middlemen and Corporations Armed the Rwandan Genocide,” is a call to hold arms dealers and banks involved in the Rwandan genocide accountable.

This investigative report highlights the global nature of civil wars and genocide. It reveals that localized genocides often have far-reaching and complex origins, involving not just victims and perpetrators, but also enablers and profiteers.

It is our collective responsibility to hold them accountable and remember the tragedy that occurred in Rwanda in April 1994.

On May 11th, 2023, join Open Secrets and The Continent for the launch of “The Secretary.” The Continent’s Simon Allison will engage in a conversation with Open Secrets’ Mamello Mosiana, Hennie van Vuuren, and Luthando Vilakazi.

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