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DH2i launches SDP solution to enable zero trust IoT connectivity

DH2i has today announced its newest edge-optimised software-defined perimeter (SDP) solution, which enables end-to-end zero trust IoT connectivity.

The company, which specialises in SDP and smart availability software, says its DxOdyssey for IoT solution leverages edge computing to bolster, rather than detract from IoT security.

“For IoT, edge computing has proven itself invaluable in its ability to overcome a multitude of IT issues, thereby enabling organisations to make faster, more efficient and effective use of the volumes of data generated from IoT devices,” says Insights From Analytics analyst Tom Smith.

“Unfortunately, one issue that edge computing has not been able to solve for IoT is security. In fact, in most cases, edge computing can actually introduce even greater security risk, if not managed properly.” 

Designed for medium and large organisations architecting IoT deployments, DxOdyssey for IoT provides secure network connectivity between edge devices, data centres and the cloud. 

The solution creates a zero trust network architecture through its end-to-end data tunnels between devices and cloud hubs.

“DxOdyssey for IoT enables organisations to build secure, dynamic workload-centric connections between edge devices, datacenter, and cloud environments at the highest ROI – all while eliminating network attack surfaces,” says DH2i chief executive officer and co-founder Don Boxley.

“For the first time, organisations will be freed from traditional IoT connectivity solutions that use VPNs, SD-WANs or open ports which require in-depth networking knowledge, are expensive and tedious to configure, and create large and dangerous attack surfaces.”

It comes as edge computing continues its upward trajectory – by 2025, the technology could reach a potential value of between US$175 billion and $215 billion, according to McKinsey.

Meanwhile, the global IoT market was valued at $212 billion two years ago, and this is projected to grow by about 25% to reach $1,319.08 billion by 2026.

“Microsoft Azure SQL Edge brings the most secure Microsoft SQL data engine to IoT gateways and edge devices, supporting built-in data streaming, storage, and AI in connected, semi-connected or disconnected environments,” says Microsoft vice president for Azure AI, data and edge John Chirapurath.

“Built on the same codebase as Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL, Azure SQL Edge provides the same familiar developer experience, and tooling that customers already know and trust.

“When combining the native on-device capabilities of Azure SQL Edge with the dynamic tunnelling technology of DH2i’s DxOdyssey for IoT, users are provided with the optimal end-to-end data security solution for all IoT deployments.”

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